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Here are some common customer questions to help you Order Now!
Getting Started
How many kg of Rubber Eco Chippings do I require?

This is simply calculated by determining the area of the space to be covered and how deep you require the chippings. We have a calculator to aid you working out the area of your project and a chart which advises the correct depth of chipping.  If there is a requirement to place play equipment in the area, where fall from height protection requirements are necessary you simply increase the depth of chipping to offer increased fall injury protection for your children  

Do I need a particular depth of chip for my project?

The depth of the chip required varies depending upon the application. Irrespective of the application Eco-chippings recommend a minimum coverage of 50mm just for aesthetic reasons, below this level the covering can appear sparse.
50mm is also adequate for all Eco-Bark border applications and will make your borders look fantastic.
For Eco-Play used in children’s play areas the minimum depth of chipping is 50mm, although greater depth is likely required depending upon Critical Fall Height risk. It is strongly advised that you consider purchasing the correct depth when undertaking a play area project. This ensures the appropriate level of protection for your children is afforded and fall injury risk is minimised and avoids the need for additional chip delivery costs for a top up

Are our Rubber Eco Chippings Certified for Safety?

Our chippings helps to absorb the impact from falls and tumbles, reduces the risk of injury in accordance with BS EN 1176.1 Impact Absorbing Playground Surfacing.  Under this standard Kirkleavington Property Company Ltd t/a Eco Chippings are pleased to confirm our chippings have been tested and meet the full requirements of BS EN 1177:2018. It should be noted by all customers that the 2018 BS EN standard supersedes all previous standards. You should ensure any chippings purchased for your play area have been tested to the latest requirements, ensuring critical fall height criteria will be met. Be safe and purchase your play project chippings from us! See our certificates  

What is your minimum order quantity?

We have a minimum order of a 1kg sample, however we sell in standard units of 20kg, 250kg, 500kg & 750kg (and multiples of). We also take bespoke orders for larger volumes and are happy to discuss your specific requirements directly. You can email us directly

Can I get an Eco chippings sample?

You can order a 1kg sample from our website and if you want more than one colour just add your requirements in the order comments during your purchase checkout. We’ll make up the 1kg sample with the colours you require. We recommend only a couple of colours are chosen, just so you have enough of one colour to get a good visual representation.

Customers should note that although colour samples are generally a good guide and every effort is made to ensure repeatable consistency of delivered product, we are unable to always guarantee exactness of colour and shade. Therefore we do not warrant against such variations in our coloured Eco Chippings, irrespective of volume purchased     

How are Eco Chippings delivered to you?

Most of our deliveries will be via a kerbside tail-lift lorry sent via a UK pallet network operator. The network will do their utmost to place the pallet as near as possible to where you need it, using a manually operated pallet mover.

As Bulk bag and poly bag deliveries are made via a tail-lift lorry, the ground and road needs to be flat, level and solid to be able the pallet of chippings to off load and manoeuvred safely. If you have any doubts about this please contact us for further details before placing your order.

Please note:- Broken concrete, gravel or sloping ground is unsuitable and pallets may only be left on the roadside at the drivers discretion if he deems it safe to do so.
An additional charge will be applicable if orders have to be redelivered

What happens if access to my property is restricted?

It is important to contact us directly prior to purchase if you suspect there is a delivery restriction to your property. We can deliver up to 750kg on a single pallet using a 7.5t tail-lift lorry, however for pallet loads between 750-1000kg (max) then access has to be suitable for up to a 26 tonne HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle).

Rule of thumb to aid your assessment of access suitability:-

1) If a standard size refuse wagon can access to your property then a 7.5t lorry will be able to. If there are issues a refuse wagon size of vehicle, or you have known issues or historic delivery problems in the past you must email us prior to ordering – info@ecochippings.co.uk.

2) If you are wishing to order a single 1000kg (1Tonne) pallet (or multiples) via a phone order, then an 18 or 26 tonne HGV must be able to access kirbside to your property.

Generally HGV can get to many areas, but if you live in a cul-de-sav or have specific road access restriction (ie low bridges, road width or weight restriction limits) deliver will not be possible. In such cases you should order 2x 500kg pallets via the website, so a 7.5t lorry can deliver for you


How do I make payment?

Payment is made at point of order through our website via your debit / credit card and for large or commercial orders payments can be made via BACS transfer.
Please contact us directly in respect of large orders and associated payment options via info@ecochippings.co.uk

Is may payment secure?

Our online payment are managed through leading PCI compliant Service Providers (Level 1), which is the highest grade of payment processing security. You can be rest assured that your  information is safe and secure.

This website and our payment services use a 256-bit Encryption SSL certificate also serves as a digital “passport” that allows data to be transmitted over secure networks – protecting financial and credit card transactions. It authenticates and encrypts the data transferred through the website. Our SSL is Mobile and Browser compatible  

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at info@ecochippings.co.uk

Order Your Eco Play

For top quality rubber chippings delivered direct to you at a competitive price, we will meet your requirements to help ensure your project is safe and has a great look. Check out our chippings before regretting purchasing inferior products produced from car tyres

Prices indicated remain subject to delivery costs as applicable and VAT at 20%
*Delivery is UK Mainland Only – Delivery surcharge will apply for delivery to Scottish Highlands, UK Islands and may apply to certain UK postcode areas.
If in doubt please email info@ecochippings.co.uk

Call Us directly to discuss if you are considering a large orders, we can quote you specifically. All volumes can be catered for.

Available in easy to handle 20kg bags, 250kg, 500kg bulk bags

We can also bespoke any order to meet your project requirement.

For more information feel free to email us – info@ecochippings.co.uk

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