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Key Features and Benefits

Eco-Play safety surface coverings are at the heart of play area equipment and products, giving a safe playing surface even on a concrete base. Made from recycled rubber, rubber play bark chippings for play areas absorb impact (please see the chart below).

Unlike other rubber mulches that use water-based coatings, EcoChippings are encapsulated in a tough, non-toxic, coloured polyurethane coating that won’t wash off or stain clothes or skin.


◾ Vibrant colours


◾ Will not rot or blow away


◾ High impact absorbency


◾ Dries quickly after rain


◾ Cost effective

◾ Long lasting, fade-resistant colour


◾ Cleaner than traditional tree bark


◾ Doesn't deteriorate


◾ Doesn't splinter


◾ Doesn't decompose

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Customer Eco-Play Projects

Farmer Copley's

Farmer Copley's



Down at Farmer Copley’s Corn Maze, you will now find Eco Rubber Chippings Tyre Mountain amongst all the other farm attractions.

Tyre Mountain is made from super-sized construction tyres, piled high in a pyramid shape and filled with sand to make them stable. The tyres have then been topped and surrounded with Eco Rubber Chippings innovative child friendly Eco-Play in all seven colours, so children can play and run around the tyre mountain safely without getting sandy or damp.

Farmer Copley’s Corn Maize and Fun Park is a massive 10 acres in size with the largest tractor and pigs in Great Britain, why not go and take a look?

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Colin Tolhurst Landscaping

Colin Tolhurst Landscaping


"Hi Ellen,
Thanks. The rubber chippings arrived today and we are very pleased with them, the only issue is that we haven't ordered enough! Maths was never our strong point! We wonder if it would be possible to order another 250kg bag of the same blue chippings we purchased off eBay. Perhaps you could let me know so I can arrange payment? I'm very happy to write a review and for you to use photos.
Thanks for a great product and service.
All the best,

Safe Soft Carpet of chippings

Safe Soft Carpet of chippings



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Available in easy to handle 20kg bags, 250kg, 500kg bulk bags