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Perfect for chicken runs!

EcoHen rubber chippings from EcoChippings are non-coloured chips specially made for chicken runs.

Perfect for the environment!

EcoChippings are able to recycle 100% of all they process (including steel and fibre). This means that each sale of EcoChippings products is helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill in the UK.

Perfectly Safe!

EcoChippings quality control procedures ensure every one of our chippings produced in our Yorkshire based workshop meets both our own and our customers high standards.

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Low maintenance - easy to keep clean.

Prevents mud from forming in chicken runs etc.

Non absorbent.

Suitable for chickens & ducks.

Cost effective - will last for years to come.

Will not freeze.

Clean and dust-free.

Keeps chickens clean, warm and dry.

Will not rot, saving costs on replacing/topping-up.

Weights and Cost

You can order whatever weight you need, delivered where and when you need it. Please give us a ring on 01977 529 570 to discuss special requirements. We love to do all we can for you! If you need a sample we'll post you a 1 kilo bag to your door (£4.89 to cover P&P).

20kgs = £14.49

(plus delivery*: £7.50 per bag)

250kgs bulk bag = £85.00

(plus delivery*: 250kg = £44.00 per order)

500kgs bulk bag = £149.00

(plus delivery*: 500kg = £44.00 per bag)

750kgs bulk bag = £199.00

(plus delivery*: 750kg = £48.00 per bag)

*One delivery to the same address.

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Chickens Love Eco-Hen!

Louise loves Eco-Chips and so do her hens!

Louise loves Eco-Chips and so do her hens!


Hi, I would like to purchase a 250kg bag of green rubber chippings for my chicken run. Can I just check that the coloured chippings are suitable for chickens. Thank you, Louise.
Dear Louise,
Yes they would be suitable, however you may want to consider purchase non-coloured rubber chippings. Give me a ring if you want to go ahead?
Kind Regards
Hi Colin
I just wanted to let you know that we managed with the chippings we had, we just spread them a bit thinner in some areas. They look really good, I'm so pleased with them and the chickens seem to be too, everyone who has visited has commented on them so I think I may be able to put some more custom your way. Thank you again for all your help and advice, I have attached some photos of our chicken area for you.
Thank you again,
L Simms.


The Happy Arnett Family

The Happy Arnett Family


We recently bought rubber chippings for our chicken run.  We've been extremely impressed with both the service and product.

As promised here are some before and after photos should you wish to use them. We've noticed that when it rain they clean up very well. Plus the lovely rubber scent means the chicken run never smells!! The chickens really seem to like them too.

Kind Regards
The Arnett Family




This the way to do it:

Box the area you want to fill with eco-hen
Set your run on blocks
Fill the area with eco-hen
Step back, admire and send us pictures!



Happy Hens in Derbyshire!

Happy Hens in Derbyshire!



A small holder from Derbyshire wrote to tell us how pleased he is with the Eco-Hen he has used in his chicken run:
“Thank you for the rubber chippings, I am really pleased with the difference they've made to the run."

Above picture is before Alan laid Eco-Hen...
...and below after.


"No more mess and hens with mucky feet - just a nice soft, well-drained and easily washable surface for my chickens which doesn’t blow about and will last for years to come!”

Alan Nicholls, Swadlingcote.

Chickens Love Purple !

Hi Brian
I wish you all the best with your product, we bought the chippings to reduce the mud bath and hopefully to enrich the chickens comfort.

On 11 September 2015 Eco Chippings wrote:
Dear Jayne
thanks for the pics, they do look like a lot of very spoilt chickens to me. You should be getting nothing but double yokers from them. I'm glad you like our product.

Many thanks

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Poultry Keeper Forum


"I've had rubber chippings down in my run for nearly 3 years now. Initially, you cover the earth floor with permeable landscaping fabric, the kind used for weed control, in wide widths, and peg it down well round the edges. Then just pour on the rubber chippings, good recycling. Instant transformation, no more mud, ever!! The chips are always soft and warm to the chickens' feet, even on frosty days in winter, and their feet always stay dry and don't get muddy, because the membrane underneath prevents them from digging into the earth, although they can and do spend time scratching up the chippings to see what they can find. A handful of grain in the afternoons keeps them happy for a long time! The chips are nice and warm and comfortable and the birds often like to lie around on them for little naps."

Extract from a member based in Hampshire, England.

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